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Groomsmen Quotes


What better place than T-Nation to ask for quotes that define the kind of friendship that is akin to brotherhood.

Can't be terribly long, as it's being engraved - ideas?

My first option:

"When man to man shall be friend and brother."

neelydan needs the nation's help.


thanks for the strippers


Bros B4 Ho’z?
I love you man lets not mention that time in college
Are you sure about this?
I slept with her

Just kidding

From one brother to another
Best of times from the best of friends

I am not good with sappy shit … here you go




If I was gay, you’d be getting ass fucked nightly?


A true friend would leave any gift blank so they can regift it later.


If you have to give a toast here are some 1 liners

-That trapped feeling you get wearing that ring…it goes away after a while!

-You may not be wanting to jump right into starting a family and having kids but, I’ve found the best method for birth control is to actually have a child.


Boats and Hoes.




Divorces are 1 out of 2, but friends are 1 in a million.


To honor, get honor, stay honor, if you cant come in her come honor.


Stick it in her pooper.


I love you! No homo! NTTAWWT



Pimpin’ ain’t easy


[quote]KBCThird wrote:

Dammit, you beat me to it!


[quote]sen say wrote:
Divorces are 1 out of 2, but friends are 1 in a million.[/quote]

lol good one.


I might actually use that one for their gift (beer mug), engrave it on it


“May you have many years of happiness in marriage…and many years of killing in the Marine Corps! Oo-Ra!” – to a Marine.

His wife didn’t like it but the whole hall exploded in approval.


“What stays in Thailand, happened in Thailand!”

I know it’s backwards, but that was our drunken battlecry. Replace “Thailand” with whatever bar, strip club or town you raised the most hell.


“I slept with your sister”

If you have multiple groomsmen, you could have unique engravings with “mother”, “girlfriend”, etc.

It makes for an entertaining rehearsal.