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Groin Tweak Before Meet. How to Approach Last Week and a Half?

Well, had an awesome training cycle going on… Considering at my meet in the end of October last year I squatted 429, and the past two weeks I did 405x4 and 430x2. Was warming up the end of last week for a light day and on my first warmup with the bar I tweaked my left groin. It was literally ONLY the bar. Tried to squat Monday and managed a slow 405 without hurting it more (I think).
Anyway, how would you guys suggest I move forward considering my meet is May 7th?
This kind of injury has pretty much been my kryptonite as in college in three years as a kicker I pulled, tore, and pulled again my right groin muscle. So this is not an uncommon road I’ve been down but this time on a different side. Stretching and PT have never been helpful in any of my occurrences and seems like they take several months to heal. I picked up dmso to try on it but not quite sure of anything else.

I did something very, very similar a while ago. I found squats paused in the hole very helpful.

Take the squat easy this comp and go higher next time


Did you do it as rehab or prehab?

Neither. It was part of my training and I noticed it helped my groin. I was using around 75% or so I think.

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Try voodoo bands/flossing -if just a tweak can be a miracle cure… loads of clips to check out on youtubes

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I’m with Vincepac1500

If you go all out on your squat at this upcoming meet, you might do some serious damage you’ll regret. I looked at one of your post and you’re a senior in college so maybe early 20’s, right? Many if not most PLers don’t peak until late 20’s through 30’s so if you don’t get too dinged up, you’ve got a lot of pounds you might be able to add to the bar in the long term.

On the bright side, if you take the squat easy, you’ll have more energy for bench and deadlift! I’ve actually seen some big name PLers in interviews say they’ll go a little easy on their squat so they can kill their deadlift. I’m just trying to look at it with a glass half full outlook. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Never thought of trying that, I think I’ll try that tonight!

Yeah I think you and @vincepac1500 are right. Just sucks even though it’s only lifting weights… I wanted 452-463! And yes I just graduated last spring so this is my first full year out of school. Im sure everyone’s been there, just gotta figure out when to pull in the reigns a little. I do believe moving forward I may have to change my warmup strategy and maybe even reexamine my form.

You may have something with this as that’s something I dropped out this past 8 week peaking cycle