Groin Strain

I don’t know if this is a phrase that most hear often, but it commonly crops up here in sports bulletins…
eg Football player Mr X is out for 6 weeks because of ‘groin strain’.

I often wondered about this and thought, WTF?, what did they strain?

anyway, i’ve been training a while now, but have recently got more serious, and begun to lift heavier.

about 10 days ago I got this awful sensation - basically a pain in the balls!, on the right side, and thought, WTF
it didn’t come on during a workout and I didn’t particularly notice any injury.
I had probably done a legs workout the day before.

anyway I couldn’t figure out what the hell this pain was. There was no swelling or pain to touch - i was glad of that, a bit freaky getting a weird pain in the balls.
for some reason the pain was worse on standing and better lying down.

anyway, i couldn’t figure it out - but because it wasn’t there all the time/ no swelling etc, I didn’t go to the doc or anything.

next day or two at the gym, doing a hamstring stretch - there it is - the exact same pain in the same place - again I thought - WTF?, and then it clicked - was this a hamstring/groin injury - even though i could bring it on worse by stretching my hamstrings, the pain was definitely in the GROIN, definitely

good news - over the last 2 weeks its got less and less and now seems to be ok, and everything down there is intact-
BTW - maybe it wasn’t the gym- maybe it was that extra vigorous riding and that new position!

anyway, i’d be interested to hear what people think, and i didn’t particularly want to share this with my chick friends/ mates in case they thought i was on the scrapheap/ a permanent joke to be told about me

cheers, jon