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Groin Strain Questions


I've been dealing with low level groin discomfort for about 6 months. I went to see my doctor who did my hernia surgery on the other groin and he is certain it is not another inguinal hernia. He's calling it a groin strain. After 13 weeks off lifting I still feel some discomfort in the groin and testicle. The time off has not markedly improved the feeling. He says this is nerve related and that if I resume lifting there will be "pain without detriment". He said surgery was a possible route but he did not recommend that at this time. He would rather do a series of steroid injections at the site of pain. He thinks this might end the discomfort.

My concern is that I'll be doing damage to something if I resume hard training. Has anyone dealt with a groin strain or this type of injection therapy? Is this something I'm just going to have to manage and work through?