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Groin Strain, I Think

About a month ago I felt some weird pain while I was walking and I had to stop the workout. A week ago while I was doing lunges I felt it again but this time I couldn’t step on my leg because it was really painful. It was at the right side of my body just under the lower abs. I surfed the net a little and I think it’s a groin strain but I’m not sure. I feel it the most during lunges when I’m stretching the right leg and the left leg is in front of me. Are there any possibilities? How do I fix it? For how long am I going to stay like that? Tnx

“How do I fix it?”

Rest. Stop using those muscles until it goes away. Given the location, that probably means no workouts for a while.

“For how long am I going to stay like that?”

It depends. If you stop working those muscles for a while, you’re looking at 3-6 weeks.

If you can afford to, see a doctor.

Do you think it can be something else besides groin strain?

Sure. That’s why you need to see a doctor instead of expecting to find the answer on the internet!

I’ll go to a doctor and see what he can do. Tnx

I’ve had those before when I was squatting or deadlifting. For me, I figured I was putting too much pressure on that area. I did minor adjustments on my form and some light stretching before my workouts and on off days.

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No problem. I’ll see a doctor. Thanks all

I strained my groin area-right side- during an assitated stretch-with both feet pointed out bring face to ground-.

I could still squat though, I just had to be VERY careful and not go wide or I would basically fall from the pull/strain. So basically just did front squat with elevated heel, which allowed to go narrow.

I could not do any running also during this time, took a month to fully recover-yet after two weeks felt much better-. I iced it daily, and very light stretching.

It’s one of those annoying injuries that just takes time, you still should be able to train. Impossible to tell how bad or what you have though best to see doctor, I was able to avoid doctor though and still train-just had to be more careful-

How did you get this injury? When I strained mine on the assisted stretch it was very obvious something was wrong as I felt a very hot pain in that area. Not sure how you just felt it out of the blue, it might be something totally different.

I don’t know how I felt it out of the blue. It has just showed up suddenly at first out of nowhere so I stopped my workout. The day after I did the same workout again and it was fine.

3 weeks later I felt it during lunges and while I was working on the left leg I started feeling some reduction in my ROM on my right leg but nothing too serious. Then I switched legs and during the set of the right leg it happened.

I couldn’t step on my leg for at least an hour and the area was warm. oh wait and when I come to think about it now from that moment I started having some weird pain in my right testicle that lasted for several hours.

At first I was afraid it’s not hernia or something but I did all the diagnostics to discover if it is and I didn’t respond to any of them so I guess - or at least hope - it’s not that.