Groin Pulled

yes i pulled my groin. i wanna know hoe u can repare it quickly. i have been icing it. i can move my leg but it hurts.

u r screwd dood

screwed me up for 9 weeks a few years back…I don’t think you can rush the healing

how did you do that? in other words - how do you prevent that?

Groin pulls are notorious for taking a long time to heal. If it is a real pull, several weeks at least. Cressey has written on this, if I recall correctly. The logical place to look would be his “Construction by Adduction” article.

You might want to consider Active Release Technique if there is no improvement after several weeks.

I stained my adductor magnus earlier this year and it was awful. ART did a lot for me. Suprisingly, it was not the worst ART treatment I’d had. I thought it would be unbearable. With a couple sessions and some ice I was back under the bar in a few weeks with light weight, and going heavy a few weeks later.

Thanks for reply guys but i dont think its a seriuos pull, i had 2 iced bath last night and a ice pack on it all night, now i can move my leg, raise it up and down but i feel small paint i think in 1-2 weeks it will be good.

Thanks once again

Hey try this, it worked from my hamstring when it was black and blue from my butt to my knee. In the shower turn it on cold, as cold as you can stand it for say three minutes, then as hot as you can stand it for three minutes and just alternate between the two. It sounds rediculous but it worked for me.

Other than that, dont rush it back too quickly, give it time, you will be more succeptable to a reinjury if you rush it back too quickly.

Well, be very very progressive in the rehab. The major reason that people reinjure is because the muscle have recovered properly but isn’t conditioned to endure the workload.

Pain is the message that things are getting worse. Avoid any pain and put ice after every physical activity you’ll do until you’ll reach complete recovery. If It’s a grade 1 pull(I assume so, with your description), expect around 3 weeks for most. Better plan for more time than less, except If you have a major competition soon, then the choice is yours.

Day 1-3: Total rest +Ice every 20min+elevation/compression/elevation+
TENS above injury site

Day 4: SMR (or ART) + TENS 1x per day on injury site(be very progressive also) + ice/heat + FB micro + start one leg drills raising the healthy leg only.

Day 5 Very easy 10m accel start with 2-3(10x10m) add 2m every training session If no pain (STRAIGHT LINE ONLY)

If you are using creatine, then stop It for the rehab period: Creatine causes the muscle to draw in fluid, which can cause swelling and therefore nerve impingment. As loss of muscle cell volume is one of the effects of overtraining, then a small amount of creatine can help maintain the proper fluid cell volume, but too much is clearly a problem.

Creatine should not decrease the process of inflammation. If the Cr draws fluid into non-damaged cells, more fluid will be drawn into the surrounding tissue spaces and damaged cells to support the cells/chemicals of the inflammatory response. It is the cells of the inflam. response that needs to be decreased to help keep scar tissue to a more desirable amount. Fluid (as with other inflam. components) will decrease with use of RICE etc. and allow increased ROM for contractions and stretching. May as well discontinue Cr.

Good luck

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