Groin Pull, Help!

Ok, here’s the story.

I did a pretty rigorous leg workout Tuesday, and then I tried to do bench today. My legs were pretty sore when I started. On my first heavy set (of BENCH), I got a slight pull in my groin. I stopped, when home, and rested it. I don’t have any ice packs right now, grr.

How can I prevent this in the future? I mean, that’s ridiculous. Two days later, different muscle group, and I pull it anyway. What would you guess I’m not doing that’s causing this? (its not the first time, btw.)

Also, a few minutes ago, as I was sitting in my chair, that same groin started spasming and now it feels pulled even worse.

How can I stop this crap?

Cramping, pulls = start stretching, massage, are you getting enough potassium and sodium??

I’m sure i’m getting enough sodium… potassium i don’t know. I take vitamins and eat a fair amount of fruit.

I think the stretching may be the big difference… I haven’t stretched regularly in a long while.

I would def stretch more. I strained my groin twice playing baseball and it’s hell. The only remedy was rest and painkillers :). Check your diet and stretch more often. You should let it rest for a few days and lightly work up.