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groin pain when squatting

I have been having a problem lately that is really setting my leg training back. I am looking for some suggestions on what to do with my situation. I am currently on my third week of a GVT cycle (old one) and for the last 3 workouts i have had a fairly sharp pain or slight twinge in my left groin at the bottom of my squat. This pain ONLY happens when i squat with weight. It does not bother me at any other time. The first two workouts i did the ten sets of ten with lots of stretching and i was able to get through it, however yesterday it was too much and i did not want to hurt myself so i ended the session. This is a very frustrating problem and i need any help i can get. Anybody with a similar experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Blake! I don’t know the answer to your question, but hi! Bye!

It could be just an inflammation, but I would get it seen to. I would also refrain from any running or sprinting until it recovers fully as you could just force the injury much further. Start doing some excerises for your groin, squeezing a swiss ball between your legs, inverse legs raises and other stretchs. Groin injuries are notoriously difficult to recover from. Take care

Consider you may have a small hernia. Go to your doc, have it checked, just to be sure. Even so, small ones that still really annoy us can be quite tricky to palpate.

 Blake: My training journal informs me that I've incurred 5 groin 

injuries over the last 5 years; two of them were major. Each injury
was the result of trying to do 1 or 2 more reps after receiving a warning
sign - a major twinge! Two of them occurred during deep, heavy BB squats.
The worst one happened during a set of heavy 1-legged smith squats
3-1/2 yrs ago: I felt a sharp twinge in the right groin. (Like a dope,
I ignored it!) 2 reps later I heard an audible …POP! Next thing I knew,
I was lying on the ground like a wounded hippo! My hamstring, where the
blood had pooled, was black, blue, and purple for over a month.

Key: Obvious, or maybe not so obvious, recurrent groin problems are "usually" a symptom of an imbalance or weakness somewhere else. My imbalance was set in motion 12 yrs ago via a major back injury: herniation L5 and S1. With me, it was a matter of improving the strength of my core stabilizer muscles - the low back, abbs, and obliques. Stretching the hip-flexors was also of major importance! Your imbalance may be due to your abductors not being strong enough to support what your adductors are doing??? The telltale sign of weak abductors is the knees buckling while squatting deep.

I found stiff-legged deads very helpful for recovery: they indirectly stretch out the groin while strengthening the posterior chain. For developing core stability, I like reverse hypers, slantboard reverse crunches, and saxon side bends. My advice would be to lay off squatting for a couple of weeks - if the groin isn't too bad, try some walking lunges. I always found that if I were able to perform lunges, being able to squat wasn't far behind. Oh, yeah - do lots and lots and lots of stretching!

The good thing about groin injuries is that with the right approach they heal fast!

Personally Blake, I believe this pain of yours is due to a lack of sexual activity. By increasing this actvity, I’m positive that you’ll be good to go in no time at all! Let me know!