Groin Pain, Should I Keep Training?

Hello guys!
I’ve been lifting weights for 3 years now of which maybe 8 months were heavy weights and the last 7 months were 5/3/1. I love this program and I love the basic movements that compose it. However 3 weeks ago I had a health problem. After deadlifting 145kg 3 times everything was perfect (according to my mate). Despite that on the other day the left side of my testicles started to hurt a little bit and my lower abdomen.

I went to the doctor and he said that I shouldn’t have even started weightlifting (what every doctor says) and after an examination he said that in my current state I was highly susceptible to abdominal hernia (I believe inguinal because of my testicles). 3 weeks later I started my 7th month of 5/3/1 and on my first day I shoulder pressed 50kg, 5 times. On the next day (today) I have the same pain but this time it’s in the right side.

I’ve had pain in my testicles (only there) some times before(not even for a whole day) and trained through it but never that long. So my question is should I keep lifting at all and should it be heavy weights or just start some bodybuilding shit and keep it in the high rep range or just try to train through it and see what happens?

I apologize if the article is in the wrong place.

Maybe hip flexor? take some rest/rehab and ease back into it. Too many people afraid to take time away from lifting when its necessary to heal. If you respect injuries you can lift for 60 years. If you don’t you may end up flaming out.

Do you breathe out when you’re lifting or hold your breath? May seem a barmy question but I’ve seen people get strains etc from not breathing correctly

I agree with Comus. Take a little time out and ease back into it. I’d also recommend trying to strengthen your core, as a strong core protects against hernias. But take it slowly - lower all your estimated 1rms and build back up.

Problem solved. Pain went away. Everything is normal for now and I did some deloads. I had a 3 week rest period after first symptoms happened. Now I’m focusing every complex lift and breaking it down for better form.