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Groin Pain/Discomfort

A few weeks ago I felt a burn in my groin area doing a heavy squat. I immediately dumped the rep, and there was no pop/tearing sensation nor local swelling or bruising. I have however felt some continued discomfort in the following weeks that worries me a bit, and is making me question what movements I can safely do while resting the injury.

I’m not exactly sure what I want out of a thread other than to start some conversation because all the others are dead and there was a lot of conflicting information -“go to a doctor now” vs “go to a soft tissue specialist” vs “just stop doing loaded lower body work for a good period of time,” although the latter seems like my leading option for now seeing as just picking up some farmer’s walk implements involves, admittedly quite minor, some discomfort, which is a no go if operating on a strict yes/no “does it hurt” scale for green-lighting movements.

I’ve had that before bro. When I deadlifted 200lbs, I felt some pain or discomfort, at first I thought “oh shit this might be hernia”, so I went to see the doctor, he told me it was nothing serious. He told me what I was experiencing was “testalgia” which is a painful nerve sensation near the groin area, he gave me a prescription for the medicine “Lyrica”, I took a week off while taking Lyrica everyday, then the pain went away. Hope this helps.