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Groin Issues


I was doing a set of heavy push press. I can only military press 135 for 3 reps so I loaded the bar up to 155 and did the push press. I know you are supposed to bend your knees and explose up and press the bar overhead. While I was doing this i felt a sharp shooting pain around my groin area. Is this a cause for concern? If so what can I do to alleviate or correct this groin problem?


It is a cause for concern, though maybe not a real big one - did the pain persist after you were done lifting? My guess would be your adductors are weak or very tight.



10 bucks says he doesnt stretch enough


I'd say you just pulled your groin...you'll be fine just take it easy and stretch it out a little. Oh and ice it.

cough Shrinkage *cough


Thanks for all your help. The pain went away immediately after I left the gym. I felt the pain again when I was playing basketball last night. The pain went away after basketball...funny. I'll work on my flexibility and strengthening my adductors. What would be the best exercise to beef up my week adductors?


Sounds like they're tight and loosened up a bit after you warmed them up playing b-ball - try doing a 5-10 minute light general warm-up... a few minutes on a stationary bike, some jumping jacks, a few unweighted crunches, you get the idea, before your next workout.

And stretch them a little before, significantly about 4 hours after lifting.

As far as strengthening them, there's no one "best" - my favorite is plate drags, though. Set a plate on the floor and put the instep of the foot of your working leg on the plate, leg out to the side, and drag it across the floor in front of you. Side lunges work well too, though I'd wait on those until you get the flexibility worked out.

Enjoy a healthy groin -



i've seen many posts like this and the truth is that eversince i've started lifting, i get very sore in the muscles in my groin area. for instance

i start my cycle. and by the 3rd, week which is usually about the 6th pass at all my muscles including iner and outer thigh lower stomach.
and by that time i'm pretty much all around sore, and yes also very sore in my groin area.

i've gone trough stages where my ribbs are just feeling like they are ready to burst open after i've been suppersetting the whole stack for 3 months.
i will usually take a couple of days to 2 weeks of the muscles in those areas if the pain persists. and it has always disapeares within 1 week.

if not i will go to the doctor and have it checked out.