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Groin Injury?


I'm not sure if this is a groin injury or what, but it really sucks, I can't squat.

I had this pain on Friday doing my Squats and Power Cleans and it hurt so I wasn't able to finish all my sets (missed two sets of Power Cleans).

I figured it'd be ok if I gave it the weekend to rest (which I did), but it didn't heal completely, apparently.

I was doing my first set of Squats today and there it was. Not as bad as Friday, but it was there and I didn't want to push it. I finished the set and didn't do anymore Squats or any Power Cleans.

The pain is ... See if I can describe where it is. The upper most part of my inner thigh (right where the leg meets the torso) and straight up the inside of my leg.

So if you go from where the knees touch each other all the way up to my torso, that's where the pain is. It only hurts when I try and push with my heels (even if i'm just doing it as a bodyweight exercise it gets tight, then hurts).

Is this a groin injury? What should I do, just rest it for a little while?



Sounds like you might have pulled something. Since you mentioned that the pain somewhat lessened over the weekend, just give it a little time to heal. I'd possibly try to get some ART/deep tissue massage if the pain persists. You'd probably be better off asking Mike Robertson about some advice. -Starkdog


Have a look at this article:

Also you can ask Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson on the authors locker room.


I'm still recovering from a groin strain and can tell you that they take time to heal. Haha, yea, no shit. What I'm saying is to lay off anything that involves use of the groin for at least a week. And if you've browsed through that article that was provided above then you have a good idea that there's a lot of exercises that are linked to the groin area.

My number one problem was that my groin would get close to healing and I'd then aggravate it again by doing squats, deadlifts, and even abdominal work. I finally saw my sports and orthopedic surgeon who gave me a shot of steroids and a prescription for anti-inflammatories.

Lay off it for a week and if it doesn't improve, seek some medical attention. If it's really bothering you, go ahead and seek medical attention now. Good luck.


why did you get steroids?


Corticosteroids, not anabolic steroids. Corticos aid muscle/tissue repair. -Starkdog


^^^^What Starkdog said.