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Groin injury

I have no idea how I managed to do this, but I have pulled a muscle in my groin. It doesn’t hurt, but I cannot raise my knee. Anyine ever done this? I play soccer, in goal, so my main concern is that I cannot dive to that side. Is there any exercises I can do to strengthen this area?

3 times on both sides for a total of 6 times!!!

Sorry bud, best thing I can say is rest ICE, and avoid side to side movements (which might mean sitting out from goal for a while). I used to run track and first pulled my groin in Gr. 9. For the next 4 years it would aggrevate it every meet during warm ups, and then run the race as starter on my relay team. It forced me to sit out my final year of highschool and first year of university. It still hinders me to this day (9 years after my original injury).

Light stretching (Nothing that will further aggrevate it) will help too. I find butterfly, and hipflexor stretches help. You’ll be glad to know that you should still be able to do leg work in the gym (including squats and such) provided it doesn’t bother you (this is according to an email I wrote the the gents at T-mag about 2 months ago). I had no problems doing heavy squat work after a recent reaggrevation.

I wish I had better news for you. I feel your pain…and have felt it 6 times :slight_smile:

BTW, many people don’t actually pull a
“muscle” when they have a groin injury. Instead, they do slight damage to the tendon(s)/ligament(s) (which is what happened to me). If this is the case you’d feel the main pain high up (to the side of where your 2 legs meet). However, the pain will likely extend down to your knee.