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Groin Injury?

Hello All,

It seems that I have injury my groin (or adductor)? The pain is very strange though.

When I stretch the groin area, by moving from side to side while keeping one leg straight, I don’t feel anything.

It is only when I plant my foot firmly in the ground and then try to move my leg inwards is when I feel the pain. Is this a pull or some overuse thing or what? I have had it for three weeks now and it doesn’t seem to get better. Thanks in advance.

I just posted something similar to this haha my groin feels like it’s dry as a desert and I can’t get into a lunge position without feeling a ripping in my groin and being in immense pain.

This is what’s called a “pulled groin.” Like you guys mentioned, after a week it feels like the injury has healed, until you move just right and realize it’s not healed at all.

Groin pulls happen all the time in sports. In my experience it takes around a month to heal fully. The problem that I usually “feel” better about 2 or 3 weeks into recovery, try something too intense/stressful, and re-aggravate the injury.

You can try to ice you adductor, do whatever stretches you can, and take some ibuprofen or whatever. Also, you can try to massage/foam roll/ART your inner thigh. If the strain is bad enough, you may actually be able to feel a lump or adhesion in there. Work out the kinks to return the muscle to its full length, and relieve the pulling down there.

As someone who pulled his groin 3 times in about a year playing soccer I can attest to what Flat said. After a couple weeks, I’d be back on the field because it felt “good” then I would quickly realize it wasn’t healed. I never healed from it until the season was over and I stopped stressing it. Using it after a couple weeks probably contributed to me pulling it multiple times after I had initially pulled it. Take longer than you think you need to rehab it. If you google “Bret Contreras Adductor Strain” I found his protocol to be pretty helpful. I used it after my third pull and haven’t pulled it since in the last 3 years or so. Though, its still always the most sore spot after a heavy leg day or tough game.