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Groin Injury/Rehab


About two weeks ago, I wasn't warmed up enough and unfortunately pulled a groin muscle. I know that in the past this is one of the most nagging injuries. The rehab has been coming along rather well and I'm back up to squatting around eighty or eighty five percent of my max.

However Yesterday on my leg day I got up to about 405 on squat and when reaching the bottom portion I realized that I was using my non-injured side to do most of the squatting. Are there any corrections for this I've never done it before or do you think its just my body telling me to wait a bit longer?


Im recovering from an adductor injury. I wish someone had told me that an adductor strain is one of the most niggling of injuries. I had thought 2-3 weeks was all I needed for a full recovery. It has now been 11 weeks, and although it is much better, Im still not 100% recovered.

Adductor muscles strains do not respond well to excessive stretching. I wouldnt stretch it too much. I would reccommend strengthing it with isometric holds by squeezing a ball between your knees while lying down. I have found the yoga "triangle pose" the best way to stretch and strengthen the muscle at the same time.



Might just need to go lighter and make sure you're not favoring one side. Having someone watch you from behind will really help as they are going to be able to see if you're putting more weight on one leg than you are going to be able to "feel" it.


Yeah that makes sense B. It was just a new sensation and I thought the injury might've introduced a whole new problem


have you tried doing light squats with a band around your knees? help focus on being even, pushing out.

also, have you tried sumo deads or other movments that work the groin? not the little abbuctor machine either.

wide ass goblets?