Groin Injury Recovery

Ok, so I pulled my groin over two weeks ago. It doesn’t bother me, but it will definitely get worse if I aggravate it. I have been avoiding squats and deadlifts :confused: but I’m impatient and want to get back to them! Perhaps, I’ll be ok if I practice perfect form. What do you think? Does anyone have an experience with a groin injury? How long will it take me to recover/ get back to squats and deads?

I have dealt with it over the course of my lifting and football career. Pulled groins can range from mild, moderate, to severe. You would know if it were severe, as you more than likely have torn the tissue and would be in constant pain. The worst thing you should do for a pulled groin that is trying to heal naturally is to go aggravate it, stay away from squatting and deadlifts for the moment and allow your body to recuperate.

Pulled groins can take a long time to heal, up to a month or longer. I use to play semi pro football with a cut off old Ernie Franz squat suit underneath my gear. Nobody knew the difference, but the support I got in my hamstrings, quads, and groin were amazing. I also was playing the game in my late 30’s when I should of known better. So, if you got a pair of squat briefs, I would throw them on to error on the side of caution.

Ok, thanks for the note. I’ll be more patient. Guess I’ll have to stick with leg curls and extensions for now.

I’m dealing with a groin pull/strain right now and it really sucks. I’ve stopped deadlifting and squatting for the time being, but I seem to reaggregate it doing just about anything. I thought I would start playing basketball on my lower body days just to stay active and had to stop because it made it worse. I thought planks would be safer for abs and that was the worst thing by far. Basically whenever I think I’m making a “safe” choice, it turns out bad.

The best course of action is just to completely rest for probably 4-6 weeks and don’t do much of anything. But like most of us, that’s not on option. So I just pop 2 Aleve and try not to do anything stupid.

Had the same thing happen to me last year. Take 4 more weeks during which you will do jogging for 5 then 10 then 15 min once every other day as tolerated without causing soreness to the groin. Do tons of foam rolling on it before and after cardio and buy some icy hot. Focus on upper body forget legs for 4 weeks. When you go back low weight low volume at first. Also start squatting with a narrower stance or try front squats. If you sumo dl better to switch to conventional.

Here’s a study for you to sink your teeth into

Thanks!! Yes, I’ll wait for a while. I’m focusing on upper body and sprints to work my legs. I’ve been doing RDLs and leg curls too, they don’t involve the groin.