Groin Injuries

I’m sure there are a ton of topics on this already, but I’m hoping one more wouldn’t hurt.

For the past couple of months, my right groin (the most upper part of my inner leg) has been hurting during certain movements, specifically squat, lunges, and leg pressing (It didn’t hurt at all during sumodead lift). The pain is sharp and only during the pressing phase of the exercise. In the past two weeks, the pain has lightened and, for the most part, seems to completely go away after the first couple of sets. Today, I was squatting, and while I was at the bottom of my squat it felt like something exploded in my left groin. I wasn’t able to finish my workout, but it seems like it will hurt to do the same pressing movements, like my right groin did.

So, my question is… any guesses on what the hell happened to me (make fun of me if you must)? and any specific stretches, exercise, or tips on rehabilitating/ preventing this in the future would be greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t seen the other threads talking about groin injuries, pelvic pain, etc you wouldn’t be worried about us making fun of you. Groin injuries are no joke.

It sounds like one of your adductors is damaged. Considering you heard a loud pop, I would get yourself over to sports doctor for an assessment. MRI might be necessary. Popping noises could be anything. Stop exercising in the meantime till you get this evaluated.

I’m sorry if I worded it wrong, but I didn’t hear a loud pop, it felt like something in my left groin tore or ripped. The best way I could describe it is that it felt like a vein came out and burst.

Describe where this feeling is: testicles, higher than testicle (inguinal region), near crease on leg but more on leg?

It’s definitely on the leg. If you place your hand on your leg (the uppermost part between your leg and your junk) and your index finger is in that “crease”, It hurts underneath all four of my fingers. It also feels like I’m flexing there and I’m not. Hopefully that helps a little bit…

Sounds like your adductor muscle or tendon.

If it doesn’t get better, definitely go to Sports doctor to get it checked out.

how is your mobility effected? just curious if you have lost any amounts of mobility lately leading up to this POP?

best of luck!