Groin / Hip-Flexor Prob.

I’ve been having a problem lately during my leg workouts. I can hardly squat without pain in my right hipflexor / groin area. Anything heavier than 225 bothers it. Before this injury I would do sets of 8-10 with 315.

However, I’m relatively unaffected in other leg lifts such as the dead lift, lunge, and single leg press which are part of my lifting program. For example, today I worked up to 365 x 3 in the dead lift without any pain. What’s the deal? Has anyone else had this problem? I’m seeing the trainer soon to get a diagnosis. Not being able to squat fucking sucks.

i suffer from EXTREMELY tight hip flexors…you wouldn’t think squatting would irritate them but it sure as hell does.

i do a lot (stressed again: a LOT) of hip flexor stretching prior to, during and after my squats.