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Groin/Hamstrings Feeling Dry and Destroyed


Hey all, good to be back. I'll make this short, I'm combat enginer in the marines and when in e school they made me run about 3-5 miles a day. After pt I'd go to the gym and do legs twice a week. I was put on light duty because both my groin muscles felt dry as fuck and I couldn't tie my boots without my groin literally ripping apart and leaves me in insane amount of pain. Should I try anti inflammation pills? Ice bags? I'm still in pain after leg DAY but I never pt since my platoon is at cold weather training in fort Pickett. Any advice would be great.


This one sounds more like an overuse/poor movement problem more than an acute, traumatic injury like a pull or strain. Maybe try stretching out your quads and hip flexors and try to activate your glutes with clam shells and glute bridges. You want to take the strain off the muscles on the inside your your legs and use your glutes more.