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Groin Gone Wild

Somehow I became victim of a nice little groin pull. I had an awesome workout with deadlift/rack pulls then front squat on Saturday. I stretched a little Sat night. Did nothing Sun. Monday morning I’m walking fast into work cause I have an interview.

Almost to the office and - twinge - right in my upper right leg. Then I limped the rest of the day. The injury is somewhere to the right of my groin and under it attaching to the leg.

Basically I feel it when I lift my right leg up and straight forward. I rested it and two weeks later felt pretty good so I did a couple sets of light front squat. I felt fine until two days later when it started to act up again.

Bottom line:
Can someone explain if this is a groin muscle or hip flexor, how I know and what the difference is. Second, I have torn a groin before and just let it rest for like 9 months and I was fine ever since, but I can’t really rest for 9 months.

There’s got to be something I can do, maybe not even direct leg workouts but something that will help when I feel better and am done resting, like core strength stuff.
Third, will it ever heal completely or will I always be prone to groin pulls?
Fourth, what exercises and stretching will keep my groin in shape?

I read that recent article about core strength and it’s possible my abs and hip flexors were lengthened and not strong. For example when I would do leg raises it would usually hurt my lower abs, where it attached to my groin.