Groin/Abductor Pull

Hi CT, approximately nine weeks ago I suffered an injury. From what I have read online, it is a grade 2 groin pull. This occurred while doing relatively light back squats after deadlifts. I rested my lower body completely for 8 weeks. This past week I decided to test the waters. I worked up to a 315 squat (just under 60% of my 1 RM) for 5 reps and my leg still didn’t feel 100% healthy. I can also feel a slight pain when I stretch my leg. I’m trying to avoid PT and rehab on my own, but it feels like this thing will never heal. Am I relegated to shameful Bro workouts and pants for the rest of my life? If you have any rehab advice, I would not only be eternally grateful, I may also very well name my first born Christian. Thanks.

Im sorry but you wont be naming your first born after me. I do not answer injury related questions without being able to evaluate and supervise the person.

My advice would be to see an ART practitioner or another soft tissue specialist about it. If you could self rehab it effectively the problem would be fixed already.