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Groin/Abdominal/Testicular Pain - Advise and Strategies

Hey everyone,

I’ve been meaning to join T-Nation for a few months, figure I’ll have more time to research training methods and contribute with what now seems to be an injury.

Some background: One day I was shoulder pressing and I felt a sharp pain shoot down my lower abdomen. Later on… After a day of heavy squats, I felt a sharp pain going down my abdomen.

Fast forward to a few more training sessions and now I am here.

I have a dull pain on my lower right abdomen, kind of off to the side, sometimes on my groin too. Also at times, my right testicle feels sore for some reason. Went to the doctor, and he felt around for an hernia. He wasn’t sure if he felt anything so we got an Ultrasound. No hernia found.

The pain is still there, I laid off for a few weeks and yesterday I did some light work and the pain came back again. There also seems to be a strong tightening on my hip.

Has anyone experienced a strain like this one before? I’ve heard the term “athletic pubalgia”. At this point, I’d like to avoid any more doctors visits $$$.

Anyone experience similar? The testicular pain throws me off too, but it definitely seems to be connected to the ab strain.

Any tips or strategies in healing would be great! Or similar stories on how you recovered.

Thank you.

I know this is old but in case anyone else has this problem…

Had the same thing, just went to a urologist. Felt around, piss test, abd ultrasound. No hernia, no tumor, no infection. Diagnosis was epididymitis, told me to take NSAIDs and switch to boxer briefs from boxers. If my scrotum gets red and I have a fever, call him back and get antibiotics. Otherwise said it’s fine to lift and have sex.