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Grocery Store


Since the squat rack curls thread is so popular, what are some of the biggest follies you all have witnessed in the grocery store? I thought of this last night after being in the grocery store and seeing a woman reading the nutrition info on the "Go Lean" frozen entrees....with two boxes of mini cupcakes in her hands.

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I once saw a grown man opening different toothpastes and tasting them. I guess he was seeing which one he liked best.


I was working the concession stand at a game and a guy comes through getting a diet soda and 3 bags of reeses pieces.


I see things like this all the time. ALWAYS a woman doing it too. "Oh I'm not getting that (whole milk). I read somewhere that it was actually unhealthy." Nevermind that she has 2 or 3 two liter bottles of soda, a bag of Chips Ahoy!, and 2 different kinds of chips in her shopping cart.


A lot of people do this though... not because they think its healthier... just because they think it tastes better... I usually drink diet coke over regular coke because its what I had a lot as a kid... same with skim milk...


That is disturbing.
I was picking up some 93/7 lean ground beef, when the overweight man next to me picked up some 73/27 out of date brown ground beef. He asked why I paid more for that stuff when the meat he had would put hair on my chest (yep I live in the south) I just replied "and a fat ass"


I work in retail and it always gets me when I see really overweight women buying those pre-packaged Weight Watcher's cakes. If you're morbidly obese, you shouldn't be eating cake in the first place. Period.

It's not your birthday, and Tuesday is not cause for celebration. There's a reason you are overweight to begin with, ma'am. Just because it says "Weight Watchers" doesn't mean it's good for you and it certainly won't help you lose weight.

I often think how great it would be if just once one of these people bought a box, got home, and upon opening it there were no cakes to be found but simply a note that read "Why the fuck are you eating cake, fatty!?"

Thanks for making this thread. I needed to vent that.


What pisses me off is when obese parents let their chubby kids load up on cheetos, soda, candy and other crap I don't even consider edible.

You've f*cked up your own physical self. At least take care of the children.

Then there are these slim and trim work moms who spend very little time with their kids and compensate by supplying them with all the junk they demand. The moms of course buy tofu and other organic foods the kids wouldn't go near, while its deep dish pizza with lots of soda night for the kids.

Also, fatties loading up on slim-fast cans crack me up. I think (sometimes aloud).."Never gonna happen.."