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grocery list

 I'm sure  a number of u t-men and t-vixens will be interested in this one. What are ur groceries when u go shopping? It took a while until i got i down to an art. If u r bulking up ur list could be starkly different from mine. However since I like to share, here's my list - besides the newbies could learn something from it.
 For my first two meals i buy high fiber low GI cereals. Heres what i do: I buy barley, millet, and old fash oatmeal separately, cook em up, and eat em together - this way i KNOW its 100% unprocessed plus u get added texture. Barley and millet will run at 1.39/lb, and oatmeal at 89 c/lb
 7 chicken breasts a week, which i boil in water ($6.00)
 4 cans of mackerel a week (with 80 g protein/can at 79 cents with some fich oils u cant go wrong)
 3 cans pink salmon (the cheapest one at 2.49/can with 15 oz- each will last me for two meals WITH the benefit of healthy omega 3s -those of you who cant afford fish oils can kill to bats at once)
 2 lb brown rice for 4 weeks (89 c/lb)
 7 dozens of eggs/week (1.00/dozen)
 1-2 romaine lettuce/week 1.60/each)
 1/2 lb green bean/week (1.70/lb)
 10 cans tuna/week (50c/each)
 and the occasional tuna,cod, or salmon STEAK, olive oil, and nuts. i ike to mk my own peanut butter so i buy peanuts, bend em together and Bam, no additives, partially fucked oils, no sugar, no soy oil - just pure natural peanut butter with a bit of oive oil (Thanx to renegade chef)
 3 lbs whey protein concentrate/month strictly for post workout nutrition. 

 This list will carry me for exactly one week, sometimes with some fish left over. I think i did my homework, as my list doesnt get mad expensive. In weeks I buy every item on the list with salmon steaks at the meat market ($3/lb) the list will rarely run over 30-35 bucks. Thats not bad for a bodybuilder/college student with more bills i can count... Comments/criticism/'ur a dum stoopid asshole'attitudes welcome. Well, not the attitude, butcha cant have everything now can ya...

Dawg, what a GREAT post!!! All I ever hear is how expensive the groceries are when you’re trying to bulk. And you just blew that “myth” all to heck.

What a good idea! My grocery list varies, but I’ll give an example. Two things to note, I’m dieting right now and I’m very broke.

Box of granola bars - Just because I like 'em and they’re easy to grab if I need something on the run

1/2 - 1 dozen eggs from cage free chickens. Is that the right term, cage free? I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen.

1 lb 90% lean ground beef

1 or 2 pre made salad - Nice and easy

Cauliflower and/or broccoli - sometimes I get other veggies, these are just my favorites.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fat free Ranch Dressing

1/2 gallon skim milk

Frozen Chicken - I but bulk from Costco

Sliced turkey, sometimes ham.

Reduced calorie wheat bread

Fat free yogurt

Nothing fancy. It certainly doesn’t contain the healthiest foods in the world, but it’s a world better then the standard pasta/cheese doodle/bagel list my roommates use.


Quaker Oatmeal (1kg)

Flaked Light Tuna (20 cans)

Unsalted Peanuts! (1kg)

Cottage Cheese 1% (1L)

Organic Milk, glass bottle 2% (1L)

Raisins for oatmeal (100g)

Chicken Breast (5kg)

Orange Juice (5kg)

Dark Chocolate (300g)

Green Peppers (3kg)

Oranges, for shakes (3kg)

Apples (1kg)

Frozen Peas and Carrots (2kg)

Michelina’s frozen pasta, red spaghetti (6 boxes)

Bannas (1kg)

hmm…that’s about it!

A typical week for me goes like this.

1 block of cheese,2 family pack sirloin steaks,1 large roast,a 10 lb. sack of leg quarters,half a salmon,2 lbs. black pepper bacon,3 doz. eggs,3 large containers of cottage cheese,4 large tomatoes,3-4 avocados,1 bag of spinach leaves,1 large bag of frozen broccoli,1 bag frozen green beans

My shopping list varies from week to week cuz if you look deep into my eyes, you will see that I am not a robot who eats the exact same thing day-in to day-out. I walk down the isles and decide what I feel like cooking. Lets see… I Went shopping today, and I bought.

500g Eye of round
1kg Chicken Breasts
1pk Beef Jerky
300g Octopus Salad
2 Salmon steaks
4 Cans Tuna
2lbs wings
Buffalo Wing sauce
ittalian Sausages
Tinned tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Onions, red peppers and Romaine lettuce
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Basil
500g Strubs Pickles
1 Frozen Shrimp ring

some of that will last me a week, some a month. Others will sit in my fridge and not get eaten until it grows mold or smells.

I know your looking at the Sausages and wings wondering whatsup, but I’ve known guys who ate McDonalds for lunch every day and maintain 245 with 6% bf. Cuz they are genetic freaks. The way I look at it, if you are going to take it so seriously that it controls allmost every aspect of your life, and you still aren’t in good enough shape to share the stage with the greats… then why not focus on enjoying life. take a risk… try next time you go shopping… try getting 1 less can of tuna or something and work from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only did i buy one less can of tuna, i also decided i want a retty piink dress and cute little bow tie that matches ( hey what can i say, im enjoying life!). except being smart as i am, i decided to order 4 sizes oversize, just trying to model rosie fat ass odonell - ur hero. For u dumasses who dont know, there are freaks, and then there are bodybuilders. and there freaks who are bodybuilders. 90 percent of us are nothing but bodybuilders -steroids or not, u need a very rigorous diet with a rigorous workout to get results. I agree with you - we should all enjoy more of life! except while u view enjoying life as becoming a fat ass because u cant control what you eat, i view it as being able to get as much ass as i possibly can - u know -  blowjobs, sex... 
 This reminds me of john berardis story. He was at a dinner with fellow teachers, when this giant piece of blubber asked john 'why dont you enjoy life more and eat something GOOOOOOD'. Smart as johny boy is, he thought to himself 'what do you consider enjoyment: being a stupid ridiculously large amoeba who can barely fit inside this restaurant and outweighs everybody at the restaurant 2:1, 1 being a GROUP of 100 people? Sure u give ur taste buds 5 or 10 minutes of enjoyment. But youll give yourself a lifetime of feeling good and great sex if ur diligent about bodybuilding. Plus ull look great, which explains all the ass ull get. U obviously have no clue what bodybuilding is about, and think because u bounce a few weights at the gym ur a big hotshot. diet is 90 percent of the equation. '?f ur not a genetic freak just enjoy life and buy one less can of tuna'... most bodybuilders are not genetic freaks u idiot - it just so happens theres a little thing called diet and another called consistency. couple these two and ud be surprised. 

Lets see, 10lb chickrn breast, 1-2 lb 93% lean beef, fat free cheese, nuts, flex seed, cottage cheese, 2-3 cans pink salmon, celery, carrots, frozen veggies, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, these are the regular items but I will get more stuff on sale, normally runs b/w 60-80$/week, this including a few goodies for my girl, not the healthiest stuff, but she has a 6 pack so no worries.
Sorry diesel but cant agree with U buddy, if someone like bein fat slobs, then thats their choice, Its sad that you have such an attitude towards others.