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Grocery List For T-Dawg 2.0

I have a question for all you that have done the T-dawg 2.0. I am finally able to go shopping and I really am not sure what foods to get and how much. Does anybody have a sample shopping list i can use?

My shopping list while dieting T-Dawg:

Chicken breast
Lean sirloin beef 95% lean or above
turkey tips and sauage
Non-fat cottage cheese

Mixed frozen veggies
Really any green veggie
Old fashined plain oatmeal(can add cinammon and splenda)
Salsa(can be put in many things for added taste)

Natural peanut butter
Mixed nuts
Flax Seeds
Flax and fish oils

Hope this helps.

Hey thanks a lot. I went shopping last night and started this morning.

Great, good luck and keep us posted.

Variety is going to be your friend, your spice of life(pun intended) to keep you going and the diet interesting.

Try and add in a Wide variety of veggies and various protein sources, also play around with LOTS of spices. T-Dawg is a great cutting diet and then is VERY easily adapted into a solid plan for LIFE.

Stay motivated, change is slow, make it a lifestyle not a short lived hobby.

Once again, good luck and keep us posted. If you need any help or motivation with anything dont hesitate thats what were all here for,


That grocery list looks eerily familiar.
If you have an Albertson’s nearby, since I think they are doing a Sherman’s March through the country, look for the Teusday fliers. Every other weekend or so, they run chicken breast for $1.99 / lb. I usually stock up on 20 lbs. It takes a bit of effort to fillet and de-fat them, but the cost savings is awesome. (Tip: freeze them in 1-2 lb zip locks and unfreeze them as necessary).
Also with Albertson’s, after 7 pm ever night they must get rid of their fresh ground beef. You can get the lean ground beef for (I think) $1.29 / lb. Still much cheaper than the $3.29 at Publix.
One other thing about Albertson’s . . .DONT EVER BUY PRODUCE FROM THAT STORE. I dont know why they cant sell a fresh veggie, maybe that is why the meat is so cheap (havent gotten explosive diarreah yet though), but that shit is nasty. Go to Safeway or Publix or any other upscale grocery store for the produce.

Just a little tip from someone who drops a ton of money per week on groceries.

i really like the T-dawg diet. i believe it is well balanced and great for all types of body transformations. You definitely want lean meats and fish, different nuts and beans, i would stay away from peanuts though because of the carb/fat ratio, greens and vegetables. Don’t forget Grow! and Surge. laters pk


Dr. Berardi did a two-part series titled “Berardi’s Kitchen” or something similar. Look it up with the search tool…it will provide all the details you’re looking for.

You should also consider picking up his “No Nonsense Nutrition” DVD…it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Berardi’s Book, Gourmet nutrition is also a real gem. It costs $30 at his website www.johnberardi.com, I think, and has all the tips I have found on this site wrapped up in an awesome E-book.
He also gives you a bunch of recipe tips, although the book is heavy on post workout nutrition (ie lots of carbs). But I picked up a couple great recipes that I use very often. That sirloin with Balsalmic syrup is amazing.