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Grizzly Man


Anyone have any thoughts on this movie? They're showing it on Discovery Channel right now. Apparently he spent 13 seasons in the wilderness w/ these bears before he got eaten.


Oh yeah, and I think he was fucking insane. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Rented to the DVD today. Going to watch it tomorrow afternoon. I hear it's good and it more about how crazy the guy is than the bears.


From what I saw it got almost unanimously positive reviews.

Anyway, currently downloading and I'll have my commentary ready in the near future.


I saw about 10 minutes of it on Discovery.

The guy seemed really stupid talking about how he is protecting the bears.

The combination of his arrogance and ignorance was appalling.

He didn't have a clue.

Darwinism at its finest.


I'm currently watching it on Discovery. This guy is insane!

Mod Zen


His friends said they didn't understand how someone could think he "got what he deserved."


He did spend better then a decade of summers hanging out with gigantic carnivorous animals despite everyone's warning that they would consume him.

Seems like a case of 1+1 = a bear eat's your ass to me.


Ahahahaha!!!! EXACTLY. (Napoleon D's voice) IDIOT!


Fuck everything you guys said, yeah he was a fucking weirdo and out of his mind but he was a fucking T-man to put others to shame. He was borderline gay and definitely not a mans man, but he did something that few if anybody could do. He could never be a friend of mine but for the things he did i consider him an ultimate bad ass in his own sense.

Yeah..........grizzly man..........


He wasn't mediocre, that's for sure, and neither is Werner Herzog. My alltime favourite director.


My wife and daughter couldnt stand listening to the guy. We turned it off.


Yeah, because only a T-Man would play Russian Roulette? there is a not so fine line between bravery and stupidity.


To quote you.."he definitely wasn't a mans man." Guess I have a different view of what a T-Man is than you do.


For anyone that missed it its on again tonite on Discovery channel, not sure what time probably 7ish or 8ish.


The movie itself was very interesting. Two paws up.

"Timmy" was no doubt a mentally disturbed hippie who couldn't cope with the real world.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Animals rule!


I loved the movie not only for the insanity of Timothy Treadwell, but also for the footage he captured. Some of the stuff he got on film, like the foxes and the bear fight, is absolutely amazing. I personally love the movie. Plus, the guy who made the documentary, Werner Herzog, got shot by an air rifle during a BBC interview and continued like nothing happened.

Here's the link to the interview: