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Does Westside or poerlifters in general incorporate a hook grip for deadlifts? I’ve heard people talk about it but in reading at EFS and other powerlifting articles, it’s never mentioned. I messed around with it at my last ME squat day and pulled 405 three times. Not huge but for me it was. I’ve always been a fan of increasing my deadlift only as my regular grip will allow but this hook grip would allow for heavier deads. My thoughts are that I will continue to grip normally and throw in the hook grip when I go for a new pr or something.

Anyone have any thoughts?

99% of powerlifters use a mixed grip.

Good to see you again on the boards. You planning on still posting at other sites? You’re posts & info have been a great source of help and entertainment in the past, and since I just started lifting Westside, your logs were very helpful as well.