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Gripper Workout

What can I do with my gripper to increase hand strength, and what other exercises can I do to build my forearms and grip?

There are several types of grip strength. The ability to close a gripper is one. Holding on to a heavy deadlift is another. Doing thick bar lifts is another. What do you want to strengthen your grip for? What I mean is, do you have a particular reason for needing a strong grip, or do you just want to build grip strength for its own sake?

PS whatever you want, this might prove helpful

Ring a wet towel out, Towel Chin-ups/Pull-Ups, Rafter Chins/Pull-Ups, Heavy Farmer Walks, Plate Pinches, Farmer Walks with a finger grip (fingers on the end of a dumbbell), Dumbbell Wrist Roller (easily home-made; I used a paintball gun barrel, boot string and a dumbbell), Finger Push-Ups, One Arm Chins/Pull-Ups…That’s about all I can think of now.