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Gripper Training

Hey guys,
I’d like to hear how you guys train your grippers. I need to buy more (only have HG200, CoC#3, and HG350) to properly train them but, I need assistance. I have an OK grip coming from powerlifting and now trying to get started in strongman but, I REALLY want to close the CoC#3, 3.5, and give the 4 hell. I never actually train them.

I’ll do a set or two with the HG200 just if I’m bored after we train but, I have my heart set on the CoC#3. I have closed mine within 1/2" of close but, cannot seem to finish the last little bit. Any help will be appreciated!

buy the coc 2 and 2.5 and train the hell out of those. also, go to youtube and search “set gripper”. learning how to set them properly helps get the best leverage.