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Gripper Strength Neural Workout

I was thinking that if a person uses a heavy gripper, and just generally uses it everyday trying to get in 100 reps…either 50 or 100 reps for each hand throughout the day.

I believe that this will create a neural connection since your doing it so frequently and result in alof of growth in both size and strength in the forearms and hands…what do you guys think…of course i wont be going for like 25 reps each time i sue the gripper i will probably do how ever many i feel like but i will atleast try to get to 50-100 when the day is done.

i am currently trying this with the 200lb heavy gripper…

Should work. Have you checked out the “100 reps a day for bigger muscles” article?

If you are looking for a high volume gripper routine, you should check out the KTA program.

I have a CoC1 and CoC2 at work, well between our team we have about 3 of each :P.

I use to crush on them every so often for fun but never that consistently.

Your grip will go up from continual work or actually non continual work as long as it is every few days. I can hammer out 25x with either hand for the No1 and 6x for the No2. A few months ago I was close but no cigar with the No2. I can close it once with my left hand now :slight_smile:


I keep the CoC grippers at work as well and the KTA program works very well!