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Piss on finals. Anyone else who wants to vent a little please join this thread.

I hate having to miss workouts/meals so that some visiting Harvard professor can be certain that I know such poignant details as who the half- brother of the Roman Empress Galla Placida was, and what “homiousos” means. And while I’m at it, who gives a shit what “stylobate” and “entasis” are (I fucked that up on last night’s Ancient Art History.)

p.s. if you feel like coming on and telling us how much harder “real life” is and all that, please don’t bother. This is specifically aimed at disgruntled-haven’t-slept- in-a-week-because-of- oops-I-missed-the-exam-nightmares-having College T-folk.

Gripe away!!!

I don’t mind finals too much. I just want to know why the hell I have to take a shit load of gen. ed. classes that I already took in middle school and high school. Oh well, I know the shit so the finals won’t be that hard. Anyway, I know how you feel bro. Look at it this way, I have a roommate who is from Japan and he is a psychology major, and he is having a hell of a time taking finals.

I feel yah, brother. Every semester I swear I’m going to quit and work as a trash man. I’ve considered working for a couple years and then going back to school, but I think that it would be only worse then. Power Drive, that’s all I have to say.

I read your post and couldn’t agree more. Anyone who hasn’t lived through a couple of weeks of unrelenting pressure hasn’t really lived. You can feel your brain pushing on the inside of your cranium. You can feel your arms getting smaller. Your eyesight is nearly blotted out by the swelling under your eyes. You drink so much coffee that you feel like you have a thyroid problem. The part I love, is looking at the people before the exams. They try to act calm. However, their body odor betrays their nervousness. I have the solution. You need to find a close friend/relative travel to their home and have a nice relaxing 1.5 hour iron-pumping session. While your at it, bring along a copy of pumping iron. Looking at Mike Katz’s hair always relieves the stress. By the way, his chest is disgusting, not impressive. Lion, do not come onto this thread with any ultra-left views on the exam process and how it alienates one group over another. No one is interested.

I bet at least 80% of profs haven’t been out in the real world. They make everyone jump through hoops just to see them jump.

I agree Redman. Who needs that useless crap they teach in college anyway? I think you should just pack it in and come muck out horse stalls for me. I pay $3.00 per stall!

Bad News. I still have those nightmares, twenty-five plus years after graduating. Maybe, because I still take courses a couple of times a year, but yep those nightmares are still there.

finals suck but im done on monday. my writing teacher, who is so overly nice i want to beat his ass, and who talks about pathos/ethos or some shit for hours on end was like “if you want to re-write paper #4 after monday go ahead”, when i know he will just write more bull shit on it about how i can configure it better to my genre. i want to tell him “i learned more off of masturbating to the underwear models in the newspaper then in your class.”
ahhh your right that does feel better

Almost done. After tomorrow’s exam (about 1 hour afterward actually) I graduate. I get to go see Dick Cheney deliver the MSU convocation speech, which ought to be interesting if for nothing else because of the snipers all over the sports arena (that’s what they did when Wild Willy came to address the MSU graduation in the 90s).

PumpkinPie, thanks for the Mike Katz suggestion. That makes me feel better, in a sort of sickened way. Did you ever see him when he came back to compete “naturally” in the 80’s with a perm? It was almost as terrible.

Avoids Roids, I’ve done my time on the farm, thank you very much. And if you pay $3 a stall I bet you have a heck of a time keeping any workers :slight_smile:

Try having to make up exams from 2nd 9weeks, and 3rd nineweeks, while trying to pass the fucking 4th nineweeks. Prodjects due, homework due, plus I have to study for exams on material I havn’t seen in months! All jammed up in one week, this one! I fucking hate highschool! I wish I would never have gotten in that fucking car accident, fucked up my leg, missed out on school, missed out on parties, got fucking weak as shit… ok I could go on forever. It’s all because of that godamn car wreck though. GODDDDDDDDDDD! Ok I’m done complaining. … I think. -D

It must be nice to have time to get to the gym and catch pumping iron. I made the mistake of thinking I could handle 21 hrs this semester. Oh well, only a week left, what’s everyone doing to celebrate it being over?

actually bro i have sort of a celebration. i am done monday, and i have quad day tuesday (this cycle leaves me unable to walk for a few days), so i am gonna get my emotions out on front squats, leg press, and hacks. oh yeah im also gonna call both of the girls whos #s i got and see which one wants to bone me.

Defex, I wasn’t talking about high school exams. I could have taken my high school exams drunk and stoned and still have graduated with a 4.0.

Mike, I’m going to celebrate by increasing my hours at work and saving some money. Then, I’m going to drink some beers, lift some weights, and read a few books for fun, although not in that particular order.

No shit dude, it sounds like you’re not in engineering, be thankful for that. You should try to work out during yours finals. It’s really good for you because it will clear your head and be a good break. As for getting your meals, I am a lot more dependent on MRPs then usual, I also drink pop now for the caffine.

Oh hahaheehooo…that’s veeerrrry funny pumpkin pie. Actually I’m about to quit my job and go back to business school for two years and I’ve been hearing that if I thought college was pressure Bschool is worse. I must be nuts. Whatever! I’ll deal with it.

Down with the capitalist machine!!!

In case you didn’t get it pumpkin pie, that “down with the machine” part was a joke…

If you’re going for undergraduate, business school is a joke. We mock the business majors here right along with the communications majors. Maybe it’s different other places, though. UPenn’s business school is tough, I hear.

What’s wrong with business majors? What is your major?

not undergrad, my MBA

Yeah, that’s what I like to hear, I’m glad I’m not the only one gonna go completely nuts on the weights right after finals. I’m done friday, then goin Saturday and Sunday to the Ohio Valley Strongman Championships, it’s an IFSA nationals qualifier, and then probably lay in bed for a week to recover, see if I can get any of the ladies to come take care of me… Is anyone else going to the Ohio strongman show (if you need info it’s at www.ohiovalleystrongman.com ) Nephorm, we make fun of the business majors here too, they call engineering, chem, bio, physics etc pre-business, cause anyone that can’t make it in a science major goes to business school, at least undergrad.