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Last night I pitched 3 10’s, but I think this is about all I can fit in my hands. So How can I move up in weight if all I can fit in my hands is 3-10lb plates? I tried the blockbuster but doesnt compare to using real plates.

Maybe 2 20s? Or put a short broomstick through the weight (3 10s) and add some smaller plates. Who says it have to be plates you pinch? Go out and try to find some flat rocks, use for pinching farmers walk etc… It’s only your own imagination that hold you back.

You need to get yourself some block weights.That is the ends of solid hex (or york) dumbells cut off of the bell.So for you you would need to get the end or 1/2 of a 65 or 70 lb. DB. Get a freind that likes pinching to buy the other half.Block weights are a great way to improve your grip.

This is just an idea, but maybe you could put a string through the 3, 10 lb plates and attach more weight to those plates via attaching them to the string. Thats what I’d do.

I drilled an eye bolt into my two and three boards and attach weight to them with a loading pin.

Now you graduate to pinching a pair of 25s, pair of 35s and eventually 45s?