Grip Work

Jim or anybody else, what are some simple solid exercises to choose from to improve my grip?
It is optional for the strength challenge

Thanks in advance

If you’re doing 5/3/1, then deadlifting with a double-overhand grip, chin-ups / pull-ups, heavy rows will help your grip a lot. Doing the DL on a PR set will tax your grip strength.

captains of crush are helping me big time

Thanks guys

yeah captains of crush are fun. I love doing them. I know jim doesnt like doing a lot of grip specific stuff, and prefers more bang for your buck movements, but its awesome smashing down a gripper then handing it to one of your friends and watching the look on their face.

I do my BBB deadlift work with a fatbar.

[quote]AnthonyRSS wrote:
I do my BBB deadlift work with a fatbar. [/quote]
Hell yeah, 5x10 deficit far bar deadlifts are brutal

Kroc rows and rope chins/ pulls. Everyone can do these - just do rope chins with 50-100 pounds added. Simple and easy to build your grip.