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Grip Work = NEPA?


Just a quick question: having a desk job for a lot of the day I don't get to do much activity during the day after my AM workouts. I am always looking for some form of NEPA I could pull off in an office. Would one of those grip contraptions work? I am talking about the small handheld piece of equipment, V-shaped, the V made by two handles used to work your grip.



Get a set of captains of crush grippers or something along that vein. The store-bought plastic btis of crap are good for nothing but endurance or rehabilitation.

I got captains of crush one and two of ebay for about ?25 for both of them brand new. Iron mind has a stoe on ebay i think.


Thanks for the info. Can't get CoC here unfortunately. Will try to find the best ones though so hopefully they'll do.


Theres no way you "can't" get CoC's, unless you don't have any money. Maybe try Ironcompany.com they have some CoC wannabes that are pretty good.


If you bothered to notice you'd see I am from South Africa. That means an item costing $20 will end up costing $100 with shipping, customs tax and VAT. And that is of course if my trust post office actually delivers the item (nearly half on int'l packages don't reach destinations here!).


For grip work i know that you will need it to be small and compact unlike barbell wrist curls or something.

A small easily concealable exercise could be pinching. Like plates if you've got them or pretty heavy thick files. It requires no movement (therefore can be done with hands underneath desk or something) and also won't break you out into a sweat.
Holding one of those really thick really full binders (with the smooth sides that slip out of grasp easily) would be good for a week or two.


You could always use a tennis ball.


I always wondered if that actualy worked...

I've never tried it but it seems logical. Opinions??


It worked good for me initially when I was having trouble gripping during deadlifting with my non-dominate hand.

Once I could deadlift without losing my grip, I stopped using the tennis ball.


Hi guys. Thanks for the tips - I will give those a go. However bear in mind that the original question isn't really about improving grip strength (although I think you can never have too strong a grip :stuck_out_tongue: ).

It was more if one of those grip strength devices/drills could be counted as a form of NEPA. I am trying to get some NEPA in, as I work in an office for pretty long hours so other than my morning workout, I don't get much.

Any other things I could try do in an office environment as a form of NEPA?


I don't really think that grip work would count as NEPA, but it couldn't hurt. If you wanted to increase your NEPA you might just get up and walk a short distance every 10 minutes or so. It wouldn't have to be far, but it would add up and have the added bonus of keeping your more alert throughout the day.


if you want some good NEPA (im not really sure what that means, but i heard it in a article and im assuming its basically just increasing your activity level) you should check out that article by coach sommer about planches and levers. you can do the planche right in your office or whatever....the lever you kind of need a bar for....