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Grip Work - My Video Holding 300 kgs


Hi All!
My name is Aviad ,25, Israel.
I'm training for powerlifting.
meanwhile my best lift a training at different days are 140 kgs Bench (raw),135 kgs squat(with knee wraps) , 210 kgs Deadlift (Raw) at bodyweight of 70-73kgs.

I would like share with you a video from last week - Grip work training.


squat lower than bench with knee wraps? you should work on that


It's my main priorty in the last few months.
i was specializing the Deadlift for 18 months (and 10 months before started to work on my powerlifting squat).

Thanks for your advice


i watched your deadlift and bench videos, i would not advise oly shoes on the deadlift, its making a longer pull unless thats just how your comfy pulling. But you may want to try non heeled shoes.

also on bench if you plan on competing in powerlifting your ass needs to remain on the bench, i used to raise mine up too but it just takes practice to break the habit and even if you lift less, you lift it in a fashion that will pass in a meet. Do you do pause work also?


thanks for watching my videos too.

They are few months old.in the last few months i was working on improving my technique in the deadlift and using much more leg drive.it was hard at the begining but now it's much better.
In a month or two i will order a pair of adidas wrestling shoes (still don't know which model, if u have an advice i will appriciate it).

About the bench, i'm doing also pause work.and 2-3 boardpress work.
two weeks ago i started learning how to use a bench shirt and it's not easy at all, it even harder at the moment.

i would like to enter my first bench press competition in israel at 12 Dec 2009, and a Bench & Deadlift competition at March 2010.

Altough my Deadlift is very good, my bench is average and my squat is poor.


Do you have any postural issues, muscle imbalances, etc. that are affecting your squat? You should be able to squat significantly more. How are your hip mobility, core strength, and glute recruitment? If you're like a lot of people and spend a good amount of time sitting, all of those things might be issues for you.

Do you have any squat videos? I might be able to assess what's going on with your squat if you posted a video of a near-maximal attempt (especially from a side view). Since you're benching twice your bodyweight and deadlifting three times your bodyweight, I'd be inclined to think that there is some form issue or muscular imbalance that's keeping you back in the squat.



...ok guy


Hi i don't know about any postural issues i've.
I think it's related to some mistakes i did in my training a couple of years ago.
4 years ago i was training my squat (but back than i didn't knew i must break parallel and i was missing the last 15cm depth (back than i was able to half squat 100kgs for 20 reps at 68kgs bw) than i stopped doing squat between jan 2006 and sep 2008.
Only at Jan,2008 i was back to deadlift and start to specialize it until now.
So my weak point at the moment is the last 15cm at squat and i'm working on it.

i will shoot and post a video of my squat in a week or two.
Thanks for your kind will to help me.
I will need it soon.



This is just a question and not being critical of your video.

Isn't alternating your grip for that lift counter productive for grip training? When I do dead lifts and my grip starts to fail, I alternate my hands and I then can hold the weight forever.


i can't alternate my mixed grip. only that way or double overhand grip due to 2 wrist injuries i had in my left wrist and 1 injury i had in my right wrist.

in my left wrist
1. 9 years ago i was partly dislocating my wrist due to a stupid mistake with a new weird pullups.like an idiot i didn't went to see a doctor and i tried 2 months to pull it back to the right place.for three months i couldn't open an opened bottle with my left(Strong hand).
2. one and half year ago i injured the same place again with bad movement at the mucle-up on the 15th rep.
had a strong pull and i couldn't use it at all for 1 month.
in my right wrist
1. two and half years ago i injure my right wrist with single hand press down (the pulley was moving to the side and i got another strong pull and i couldn't use it for another 1.5 months)


That's what I meant, I figured if you are training for grip, wouldn't using double over hand be best since alternating (at least for me) makes holding the weight so much easier?


maybe it is a good idea. less stress on the vertebras.


I'll keep an eye out for your squat video.
Some things to keep in mind - if you sit a lot, you might be lacking hip mobility, and this could be forcing unwanted spinal motion.
If your core strength isn't up to par you'd probably experience some rounding. Since you deadlift 210kg, I'd assume that this isn't a problem, though I can't be sure without seeing obviously. A lot of guys seem to have the problems I described above, though.