Grip Width?

As i grow in my knowledge of all things lifting, especially all things westside, ive come to realize that everyone who can bench a shitload has a pretty wide grip. As for me, i cant bench a shitload, but would certainley like to. In 10 days i need to max for my coaches, and the last 2 weeks ive been trying a wide grip (middle finger on the ring) and i feel strong up until i hit around my max (225ish) and then it explodes off the chest well but i get stuck and cant move it up anymore.

So, when i did ME last week i used my normal grip (pinky finger just inside the ring) and got 225, but today with the wide grip i could not. So for my max in 10 days, should i use the narrow grip, or hope my problems with the wide grip subside?

I realize that using a wide grip will help me in the long run, but for the 10th which should i use?

Use the grip you are comfortable with.

Be careful widening your grip. I was always a narrow bencher- relative to the way most people grip the bar- but it worked pretty well for me. I foolishly decided to widen my grip because I saw a lot of the same info you did- that a wider grip leads to a shorter range of motion and allows you to handle more weight. I paid the price for this decision- partially torn pec. Now- I can’t say for certain that the wider grip caused the pec tear- but I can rightly surmise that it was a contributing factor.

Well that’s the problem. It feels more comfortable with a wider grip, but im just not putting up quite as much weight.

i use a medium grip on the bench…
IMO i think you should max with your stronger grip…then if you want to learn how to bench wide that’s OK…
if your goal is powerlifting then i think you should use the grip in which you are stronger though…why is a wide grip more confortable to you?..just curious…

I recommend a wider grip for the long run, but for maximum poundage now you are probably going to have to use your regular grip.

i believe that is what i will do. Ill use the narrower grip right now, but i would like to learn to use the wider one, being as when my football days are behind me i would like to powerlift.

As for why the wider grip feels better, it just makes it easier to keep my elbows from flaring out, i have less distance to push, and i just feel stronger in general.