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Grip Training?

I am intrigued by grip strength. Does anyone here specifically train their grip? What techniques or exercises do you use?

Just a quick note: Ian King and Charles Staley both have articles coming out soon at T-mag that, in part, address grip strength.

I like static holds, bar hangs, fat grip training, Ironmind grippers, and farmers walks myself. Read the “Stuff we Like” columns for more info. The last one talked a lot about grip strength.

The exercises are:

Grip = Farmer’s walk ie walk around with as much weight as possible for as long as possible

Pinch Grip = With your thumb and index fingures hold two plates together for as long as possible

Crushing Grip = Check out “Stuff we like”

This doesn’t have much to do with absolute grip strength, but I used chalk the other night since I finally train at a gym that allows it and I was amazed at how much easier it was to told onto the bar while doing deadlifts. If you are having trouble holding on while doing chins/deads you might want to give it a try if you haven’t.

Captains of Crush Gripper. I have the #1 and it’s hard. I do 4 sets of 3 plus on negative. And this is the 2nd time this month that I hurt my left hand due to lack of warmup. Try doing grip work after biceps/back. I did it once after arms, and it ruined my back work out for the following day. These hurt. Also, ditch the straps on everything. Try getting EZ Grips (“stuff we like”). Farmers walk/holds are good too.

We have a chinup bar at our gym that is 2 and 1/2" in diameter. We try holding on to that for 30-40 seconds a ‘set’. When you can do that OK, strap on some more weight.

I NEVER use straps. Heavy shrugs, chins/pull ups, farmer’s walk etc…

Ironmind has great books on hand strength. Farmer’s Walk for time is incredible, 2-sets x 1:00 with as much weight as you can handle with 1 min rest between sets. Always train your grip last as a finisher. There is no way you can do anything after training your grip. A softball with a screw eye and chain with weights hung from it will work your grip. use the time under load method.

My grip occasionally gives when doing some lat
and biceps movements (especially heavy alternative db-curls and close grip chins) , is the farmers walk the best way to correct this?

Why would you walk around with the db´s anyway, why not stand still?

Bateman- if you’re using the FW for grip only, then you don’t have to walk around- but then you’re just doing a type of static hold as Staley talks about in his new article at T-mag. Walking around makes it more of an endurance/balance/grip exercise. Kills the traps too.

Deadlift WITHOUT straps,hang from pull-up bar for max time, do farmer’s walk w/o straps