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Grip Training


Just wondering how often you train your grip specifically. Do you dedicate a day to it or do it multiple times a week? Routine advice? Mine has gone down the tank so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I usually do some sort of forearm work after deadlift day and then hope when I shrug and use farmers during the week that they're getting some work in. Should I do more?


Grip strength is key for everything! In high school wrestling that was pretty much all we was worried about. One guy told me take one sheet of news paper, start at one corner and ball it up in one hand. He took an apple and just squeezed it and exploded the thing. So I started crumbling up papers myself.lol As for how often, Im sorry I cant help you with that. He said do the newspapers ever day, but as far as "working out your forearms" im not sure how often you should do it.


I haven't done anything specifically for it yet.

In Wendler's book he said that doing Kroc Rows really helped his grip.

At work we had this guy that used to be a boxer who competed nationally back in the day. He was telling me that to build wrist and hand strength, his gym would fill some containers with fine sand. They would then put their hands in the sand, completely submerged up to their wrists. Then they would open and close their hands in the sand. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it sounds interesting.

I like the newspaper thing too. I'll have to give that a shot.


I've not heard of the sand, but we did the same concept with rice in wrestling. We would grip towards the bottom of the 15 gallon barrel


I train grip multiple times a week. I just work in grip work when resting between sets. I am something of a grip fanatic, so you probably do not want to follow my routine.
I train support by pulling double overhand for as many sets of deadlift as I can
Pinch grip with block weights and pinching plates smooth side out
Crushing strength with forced negatives on grippers
and wrist flexion and extension with a supported wrist roller and barbell wrist curls.
I do these on different days.


I like to do grip specific training not just relying on other lifts to strengthen it (i.e. shrugs or rows)

When lifting in the gym I train grip 2-3 times per week

Plate loaded grip machine and Iron Minds wrist roller

Usually toward the end of a workout

Slow controlled raising and lowering on grip machine (while doing this I try to imagine what it feels like to have a pair of farmers walk implements sliding out of my grip)

Wrist roller at end to just absolutely kill my hands and forearms (multiple sets to exhaustion while stripping plates off to keep going)

COC grippers now and then

I also use thick bar for all my pressing and some other accessory style work

Iâ??d add some more grip specific stuff into your routine

Itâ??s fun and youâ??ll see results fast at least I do


You guys probably already know this but Coach CT wrote a spill on GRIP few days back http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/578