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Grip Training/Wrist Stability

I’ve recently made the decision to drop the straps in my training and focus more on bringing up my grip. So far I’m happy, I can hold on to any deadlift and db pressing/rows seem far easier.

Something that still needs work though is wrist stability for benching/overhead presses. I can keep a neutral wrist 99% of the time, but on occasion my wrist will cock back for a split second. It doesn’t hurt, its just a bit unnerving when you’re going for a pr or whatnot.

I can bench 140kg and db press 45’s

My grip training routine so far (I’ll split this over the week)
Heavy grippers for reps, 10-15
Wrist curls
Forearm db twisters
DOH BB Shrugs

I have a powerball in the post and will start adding farmers to the end of workouts next week.

Any other suggestions?

get wraps.

Already got some. I want to get as stable as I can without them.

Honestly man, I just go with wraps for any clean and press over 75% and same with bench. Over time your 75% will get heavier and heavier, and you will have stronger wrists. wrist curls are a waste in my opinion because we get so much forearm flexor work in anyways doing farmers walks, cleans and various rows. I would even it out with wrist extensions.

if you begin to get tendonitis in your forearms, get massages and every upper body day do 2 sets of 50 wrist extensions with 5 lb plates, arms resting on a table wrists hanging over the other side. it builds a better forearm and stronger overall wrist. also, try plate pinches with stacks of 5s or 10s, or get a rolling thunder.

Happy training

Youtube search Jedd Johnson grip training, and go to his website. I think its dieselcrew.com but i’m not 100% sure on that. If you google Diesel crew Jedd johnson it will def. come up. He is one of the top grip guys in the world, just recently started doing some workouts with him, he has alot of knowledge and posts tons of youtube videos about grip training.

[quote]behexen wrote:
Youtube search Jedd Johnson grip training, and go to his website. I think its dieselcrew.com .[/quote]

Jedd has a free 8-week grip/forearm routine that’s really good. Highly recommended.