Grip Training on Separate Days

I lift M,W,F using 5x5, and work my grip on W and Saturday. Do any of you guys have a day for grip only? And does it effect you other lifts, or is it better to work grip as an add-on to my regular work outs.
Thanks in advance

I use the Captains of Crush after deadlifts, becuase my forearms just seem more warmed up than if I try it ‘cold’. I only do it 2x a week. I do the #1 for 3 sets of 5, then the #2 (which I can’t close) as hard as possible, then I go back to the #1 and do 2 sets of 10.
But my Farmer’s Walks are done after bench, on a different day.

I used to use CoC’s on seperate days so i could train more without overtraining,
But i find i am perform much better on them after a vigorous workout. Usually best to do them after someting whcih doesn’t obliterate your grip. I do them after leg presses or squats.

After deadlifts i think my grip would lessen.

Sybersnott’s the grip man around here, maybe he’ll reply.

a lot of guys swear by training grip in between sets of squats. They feel they set more PRs that way. Personally I tend to work it in after a workout.
If you can work it into your progam without hurting the program, why not?

I dont necessarily dedicate a seperate day, but I do generally do grip training seperate from regular training…

The exception being finishing a workout with some rolling thunder deadlifts.

I pic up all plates with only one hand. That just leaves the fingertips around the lip of a 45 and adds a fair amount of grip work.

[quote]Old Dax wrote:
Sybersnott’s the grip man around here, maybe he’ll reply.[/quote]

Ha ha, I’m here!

Grip training is different for everybody. For me, it’s twice a week. Some guys can do grip every day! If it did that, my hands would fall off.

Experiment and find out what’s best for you. Some guys need to do a body warm up with squats or deadlifts or whatever to get the blood pumping. Just don’t waste a long warmup on the grippers to get to the heavy stuff - I’ve seen that happen far too many times.