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Grip Training follow up

Got some iron mind products in a couple of weeks ago and based on my experience I would advise you guys to buy with confidence if any of their stuff looks interesting to you. I got 2 grippers, the trainer and the #1 (they go up to #4) and a grip training tool called titans telegraph. The products I got were delivered in reasonable time and are obviously very high quality. The machine is heavy steel, moves very smoothly, and is fun to use (I got the second generation , the one that uses olympic plates). The grippers have knurled steel handles and very heavy duty springs, nothing like the little plastic jobs at the Sports Store.
Bottom line, highly recommended.

I agree with your assessment of the quality of their stuff. The grippers will last a lifetime.

I have been doing business with Ironmind for many years. Very high quality products. Great company to do business with in every way.

I agree. Their equipment is amongst the best of the best.