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Grip: Supporting, Pinching or Crushing?


If you want a strong grip for deadlift and farmers is there any point in doing anything other than rolling thunder or thick-bar/axle for your grip training?

I understand there are 3 main types of grip strength - supporting, pinching, crushing - but surely the last two have less carryover to deadlift grip?

Who trains all 3? All in one week or rotated from week to week?

I can easily hookgrip the 130kg farmers and one arm deadlift 155kg. Would be nice to get up to 200+kg one arm dead and 180+ farmers.


I've read Louie Simmons say that the deadlift is not about the forearm strength, it's about training your fingers to hold on to the bar. In that respect, supporting strength is bound to fail, and then your fingers are the last to hold on and they have much greater capacity to maintain grip than your forearms staying closed. So training finger strength would be wise, as well as supporting strength.

In general, I don't train pinching strength because it has no carryover to my lifts with an axle bar, but the axle bar increases thumb strength (albeit more slowly) and increases my plate pinch lift. Crushing, however, should be trained through sandbags or hand crushers. I train supporting strength once a week (farmers walk, 1-arm holds with bodyweight on a powerrack, farmers walk holds). I train with 2" bars for assistance work + deadlifts, and I work in crushing grip whenever I have 2-3 days where I won't be using my grip excessively. I don't try to "train" it like a deadlift or anything, I just make sure I use all facets of grip and make sure I'm advancing from workout to workout through reps or weight. Given there's so much to grip strength, when I've tried to systematically record it all and progress, it just got to be too much. As long as you're working in all facets of grip (pinch, supporting, crush, wrist, fingers), you'll have all your bases covered.

Some good lifts to try out and advance on: axle deads (and dead variants), axle bar rows/curls, kroc rows w/ 2" DB, axle press/clean, farmers walk with towels wrapped around farmers bar handle or just plain plates, axle bar chinups, 2-finger chinups, chinups on ledges/rocks.


You needed an "expert" to tell you that?

By the way, finger muscles are located in the forearm except the thumb muscle.


stronger grip for deadlift---> never even look at another pair of straps again and over under like a beast!

Farmers--> hit farmers once every week to two weeks. you will get stronger, run a basic progression on the weights for the farmers, you can treat it as an accessory lift.

for static grip strength- Pinch and crushing strength do nothing for you. I think the best thing you can do is long, LONG farmers walks with medium weight..... and large handles...



Here's my 130kg each hand for 10secs (first time ever doing farmers - no idea how thick the bar was but there was no knurling). I also tried one arm deadlifts and got to 155kg (no video sadly)

Will pinching and crushing really have no carryover to farmers/one arm deads?


I'm aware. I said train the fingers with strength movements as opposed to training the forearms with wrist curls and reverse curls.