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Grip Strengthening at Work?

Hey I don’t enough time to directly work my grip strength in the gym unless I absolutly have to so, I was wondering if anyone knows of some techniques that will help me that I can pratice at work throughout the day in my office. I refuse to use straps at the pathetic weights I am DLing and shruging atm.

Thanks meatheads.

There’s some grip improving balls and stuff you can get.

i dunno if they worked or not, but the best thing is to lift without any gloves, just your hand.

over the summer i got a job where i basically drive a company car for hours a day, I decided to buy some heavy grippers, 100lbs, 150, and 200. I just gripped on them all day as i drove and the results were good. saw minor size growth but my grip was intense, although it was a bit much cause i developed some wrist pain.

if you have a spare 10 or so minutes after your workout you could do some block pinches, plate holds, or other stuff of that nature. also, on the last reps of your deadlift/shrugs for the day you could just hold the weight as long as possible at the top. Warmup your deadlift with a double overhand grip as well until you have to use an alternating grip if you use an alternating grip.

I don;t know your work environment but at my disposal I use & have used the following methods:

  1. Deadhang from your doorframe when no one is looking & do some pullups - mine has a right angle shelf/ledge thing that almost makes it necessary to do them with a open grip (get some pullups in there) This also works in the company washroom stalls but the explaining is a bit harder to pull off)

  2. Buy some CoC grippers at your desk & look intense; using it while on “business” phone calls jacks up your testosterone immensely

  3. Keep a tennis/raquet ball handy & squeeze it for reps til failure - once you wear through that move onto a golf ball

  4. No joke: grab a basket of recycled documents no one is going to bitch about you having in your possession (sorry, company CFO) & start crumpling them up as hard as possible in each hand when you have some free time. The double bonus is that you can practice your free throws afterwards.

Hope that helps!

When i am at work i use my grippers.I have rather a hands-on job anyway,and its allways get up and go.

If you sitting in the office for long periods of time surely you can go buy a strong gripper and weaker one hold the stronger one on the negative and do the weaker one for reps afterwards just do 4 sets.hold the strong one for about 12secs then immediatly do 6 reps with the weaker one.

I use heavy grip grippers they arent as good as the captains of crush but theyre grippers(i intend to buy the coc set as i get stronger)i use the 250lb for the negative hold and 200lb for my reps.

Also add some pinch grip work,find an object around 4iches in diameter and weighs around 10lb and grip and hold between the thumb and fingers (protein tubs full with protein i find ideal obviously holding by the lid)hold that for around 12secs too.

I train my grip three times a week like this on my training days afew hours before training,my grip strength has shot up using these techniques.
Hope that helps.

(I know my spelling is shit and so’s the grammer but i cant be arsed to correct it as its 12.00am and i still have all of tomorrows food to make)

Depends on your job.
But even an office worker could use grippers (captain of crush from Iron Mind are V good).
Just dont get tied up in the ‘gotta do it every day’ mentality. Two or three times a week is fine, just start easy and progress slowly.