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Grip Strength

What would be some of the best exercises to build up quality grip strength that extends to different types of grips.

I’m thinking mostly in terms of helping with rock-climbing.

One of the more clever things I saw was a wide PVC pipe (8in diameter, or so) vertically cut in half and mounted on a board on a wall. From that you are supposed to do pull-ups–it’s a bitch. Then they were able to make it 5 times has hard. They made a straight plastic piece on a hinge that mounted right above the pipe to when they would close it on top of the pipe where you can’t jam your finger tips in the crevis where the pipe met the wall.

Any other (un)conventional ways to help grip strength?

Check out Ironmind they have all kinds of grips tips and tools. I have purchased numerous items from them to help my grip strength and am really happy with the quality of the products.

John brookfields grip tips, look for it.

Plate pinchers and deadlift lockout holds are good for grip strength.