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Grip Strength Question

I’m back in the gym after 20 years of school, family, too many hours at work etc. After three months all is going well. I’ve lost some weight and my strength has increased greatly, but the limiting factor on my deadlift is grip strength. Should I use straps? Or do you have any other suggestions.

I’m convinced that squats and deadlifts have been key to my recent success and I want to reap all of their benefits.


Well if you start using straps you’re grip strength could go downhill. But using them after your grip strength fails isn’t bad. Work on your grip strength and it’ll pay dividends later, straps won’t help when your trying to db press past 100+ lbs in each hand and your chest can do it but you can’t stabilize because your grip and forearms are lacking.

Here’s some info I have saved on working on grip strength from CT.

a) heavy holds (max weight for 6-12 sec)
b) moderate holds for time (sets of 30-60 sec)
c) various dynamic gripping exercises (pinch grip, captain of crush grippers, etc.)
d) Various form of forearm dominant curl (wrist curls, thick bar curls, hammer curl, reverse curl, etc.)
e) NEVER using straps on pulling exercises

Straps do have their place - I just would use them after your grip fails so you still can work on your grip.

Versus using them from the get go and losing out on that extra stimulus on your forearms/hands.

Are you using a mixed grip or double overhand?