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Grip Strength - Newspapers

Has anyone got any alternatives for scrunching up newspapers for gripstrength? ie a chamois, plastic bag… is their a product you can buy that has a similar effect? i dont mean other training methods (got COC), i think it was in an article by CT. Not sure if this post makes much sense. I know what i mean, kind of.

Go buy some cheap computer paper or notebook paper and use that.

Cool, a reply. Wasnt sure if my question made sense. think i know what i was trying to say now; here goes “is their a company that sells rag/clothe that has the consistency of a newspaper that can be used over and over”
Note paper could be used be seems kind of a waste.

Don’t know about something having the consistency of newspaper but I bet you could use a foam pad and get the same results.
Actually, check out Ironmind.com. Look for the Snowball. I couldn’t find it, though.

Old telephone books.

Rip out a page and go for it. Plus you shouldn’t have to buy these, and you can get them out of the recycling and then put them back in a page or two at a time.

Plus you can practice tearing as well.

Use a golf towel

Not the same, but possibly it will give similar feel: a bucket of rice or sand.
It would have the advantage you get resistance to the opening movement of your hand (muscle balance).