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Grip Strength for Deadlifts


want to improve my grip strength to improve my deadlifts. dont want to use straps. want to build up forearm and core strength any tips?????????????????????


Just do static holds. That's all that matters for deadlift grip. I can't even close the 1.5 CoC, but I can deadlift 700 and my grip is never an issue.


What do you think about doing fatbar deadlifts for building up your grip?


The only problem with fat bar DL's is that you often can't use enough weight to really challenge the rest of your body (besides your grip). Thus it turns out to be a relatively inefficient grip exercise. Fat bar static holds could be useful to do once it a while, but I wouldn't do fat bar DL's unless it was a specific event at an upcoming strongman competition or something.


x2 on the static holds. Not just with a bar though: plate pinches, BB plate pinches, and definitely fat bar deadlifts. I do all of my training with a bar thats an inch thicker than a competition bar(it also has no flex) and when I get to a meet, I feel like I can tear the bar in half.

I like the captains of crush grippers. As far as helping with the deadlift, I have no idea. But they are cool. haha.


Just generally picking up heavy dumbells and stand in a rack with the bar at about the same height as it would be when you've locked out a deadlift pick the bar up and hold it for 10-15 seconds then put it down, add weight and repeat- I believe Ed COan used to do this. Andy Kerr would do this with a twist in that he would butter his hands to make them more slippery.


Farmers Walks


x2 on the farmer's walks.

I always pause and hold at the top on the last rep of my last (and heaviest) deadlift set. Just get it up there and hold on for as long as you can. I'm def not strong compared to some guys on the forum and some of my buddies, but I pulled 450x2 @ 215lbs yesterday w/o straps. I only use straps for heavy shrugs (isolate the traps, right? lol) and heavy db rows.


Kroc rows help my grip out quite a bit. They also add quite a bit of upper back strength. Since your new to T-Nation I'll assume you don't know what a kroc row is. A kroc row is simply a dumbell row for high reps. The Idea is to take a weight you can get for 10 reps with flawless form and go to 20+ reps with it.

Don't worry too much about form just go for as many reps as possible. my grip usualy fails before my back on these.

I like static holds, farmers walks, etc.. as well. The bottom line is they are all good exercises so pick ONE and do it for 8-12 weeks and see if it works for you. Live and learn.


You can start improving your grip strength by using complete sentences.


Grip Training for the Deadlift
by Andy Bolton and Elliot Newman



heavy shrugs. train your upper back as well as your grip. I work my way up with reps until it is a static hold, about 200 lbs over my dead. since i've been doing that grip has never been an issue for me.


In addition to fat bar work, farmers walk, and static holds, something that is really kind of simple will help: Use chalk. I didn't see it mentioned so if you aren't using it, you'll see an immediate increase in the amount of weight you can pull before your grip gives out. If you are using chalk, nevermind.... :slight_smile:

Two more suggestions:

  1. Deadlifts against bands and/or chains. The weight gets heavier as you lift it, forcing you to increase your grip strength and core throughout the DL movement. This will teach you to squeeze the bar harder and tighten your core throughout the lift.

  2. Weighted pull-ups. Do 50% of your failure count with as much weight as you can manage. For example, if you can do 10 regular pull ups, begin with around 25lbs for 5 reps (or whatever weight you can control and still have something left in the tank). Do 3-5 sets.

As this gets easier, work up to a weight goal with the lower rep count. For example, work towards 5 reps with 100lbs. It will take awhile but you'll be surprised how quickly your strength will increase. You can even hang for 30-60 seconds after completing the reps. Doing these at the end of your training will increase grip strength, build your forearms, and make you one strong mofo!


This is why I love this forum.


Krocs are an excellent way for grip strength. My football coach had us doing them before they had a name!


I just figured using chalk while doing deads is a given.


Can you go into more detail please? I usually just do some shrugs at the end of my deadlift session and I want to try your method.

What grip do you use? Do you set goals like X many reps or hold it for X seconds? Or do you just load it up and just have at it till you feel you've done enough?


the thought behind it is that if you can hold on to and shrug more weight then you can deadlift, then you'll never have a grip issue with the deadlift. this is coming purely from a powerlifting perspective where you are training for the lift and thats it. if you think about it, the shrug uses the same muscles you do at the top of your deadlift.

i'll throw on, say 3 plates and bang out a bunch, then go up a plate in each side each set. only 45's, you don't need to get crazy here. the last 3 sets or so are where you're going to be doing the work. say 6 plates for 10, 7 for 5, 8 for 1 or 2 and hold. my max dl is 635 so I'm getting used to feeling way over my max in my hands. you might feel it in your ribs a bit as you go heavier then you used to. that will go away. use a belt also. you're training your upper back and your grip, not your core.


Matsm, do you use your competition grip when you do that?

Sorry for the thread hijack, but its still on topic tho so not so bad.


X2, once I got to shrugging 50/60kg over my DL 1RM for 5 reps I had no grip issues. I used alternate grip (i.e. my normal DL grip) bar in a rack at ~2" above knee.