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Grip Strength/Endurance


This sucks!
Just 3 weeks ago I was able to max out on deadlifts with 435, with no straps, and I'm now in my second week of the ABBH II and am doing high rep partial deads for the second time ever.

I wasn't able to complete 4 sets of 12 with 225. I had to stop and re-grip the bar twice on the first set, only got 7 the second set, 12 the third set because I re-gripped the bar about 5 times, and bearly 8 on the last set.

All because my grip failed, not my posterior chain.

I don't understand how my grip was fine (slipping a little) when maxing out, but I can't hold the bar long enough to complete 12 reps.

Is there anything that will help with the grip endurance, as opposed to strength (if there's a difference)?

I'd like to get something adjustable that I can work on at home. Are there adjustable grippers?

I think the last gripping equipment I had were Hulk Hogan grippers that came with the 10 or 20 pound Hulkster dumbbells (about 18-20 years ago).

Please help!


Yes, I know what to do.


Give your grip a week off. I mean completely off.

If it is about time for you to take a break, do so.

If not, shift to training that does not use your hands at all. Y'know, like front squats, running, swimming, bulgarian split squats. Don't try dips, or pull ups or anything with the hands. Let them rest.

You'll come back with power, but only if you lay off a good week, perhaps more if you need it.


Thanks for the advice. I have noticed that my grip is weak in other areas, especially going from deads, to hanging pikes, or during most other super set days.

I'll be finished with Chad's ABBH II soon, so I could take an active break.

Should I try some gripping excersizes righ before the break though? I'm thinking the day that I finish with this program, try to hold on to heavy weights as long as I can, but just for that day, then take a week off from gripping anything.


There are all kinds of grippers, including adjustable ones. They aren't hard to find on weightlifting equipment sites.

For grip endurance, you can also just hang off a chinning bar for timed holds. Add weight to make it tougher, if you like, especially as your hands get stronger and you give out less from hand pain than from hand fatigue.