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Grip Strength Endurance During W/O


I've got a question about grip endurance.

I usually have 2 weightlifting days about every 5-6 days. It's not quite a weekly schedule. My other workouts are on the field or track and are sprint, agility, core, and plyometric work.

One of my lifting days is an Oly lift, squats, pushing exercises (overhead press and bench or incline), and some supplemental quad work.

My other lifting day is the problem. It's almost all pulling and posterior chain: an Oly lift, DL or Romanian DL, high pulls, rows, maybe pull-ups, supplemental posterior chain work like good mornings, lunges, and/or step-ups.

Towards the end of any Romanian DL's and during the high pulls, my grip is dead. I usually have to limit my sets because I'd drop the bar otherwise. Even using an alternating grip on the Romanian DL's I still can't hold on to the bar for the last set.

Should I just bite the bullet and gets some wraps for those last few sets, or does my grip just need more stimulation to gain endurance? Is it just an indication that I'm trying to do too much pulling on the same day?


Might be an imbalance, might not. How long have you been lifting like this for and lifting in general?


You can never have a strong enough grip mate!


If you want a stronger grip work on getting a stronger grip, in the meantime get some straps. If a strong grip was a benifit to your primary goal it would need a greater focus, but it doesnt so who cares if you have to use straps in the gym?


I've been lifting in general since high school, about 16 years. I've been seriously doing Olympics since university, about 13 years ago.

I've never really done a lot of DL until this year and haven't really done such a heavily grip focused lifting day. I've been doing this kind of a pulling day for several months now. I'm wondering if maybe my grip needs more frequent stimulus than one heavy day a week and one other day with some Olympics.

But what could be better for grip than heavy DL's and Romanian DL's?