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Grip Strength Callous Formation

This is gonna sound strange but I have a question about callous pattern on my hands. Ive been working on my grip stength and ive noticed the callous formation on my hands is more prominent across the middle and smaller fingers and virtually nonexistent on my index finger. Is everyone this way or am i gripping in a way that is causing this and maybe thats why my forearms fatigue with certain lifts?

Sounds similar to mine.

At guess, it’s because there is more movement of whatever you’re holding at those points because they don’t grip as well as your index. It’s just a guess though.

I get base of middle and ring fingers and surface of thumbs (hook grip). with straps on there’s a lot more movement everywhere and I get all over the middle of the fingers too

Same as mine, entirely normal.

Thanks. I was just wondering if im leaving strength gains on the table by not gripping right on farmers walks and such

it’s normal. That’s what the shape of your hand dictates. You can see this by looking at your knuckles. Make a fist like you’re holding a bar, and look at your knuckles. The pinky, ring and middle finger knuckles line up with each other, you could draw a pretty straight line across the top of them. The index finger knuckle does not line up. So the pressure from the bar when it hangs in your closed fist is the strongest across that line. The index finger handles much less of the load, based on this alignment.

Hope that makes sense, lol.

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It does. But i guess my next question is in building grip strength should i be adjusting that to improve contact at my index and thumb area to improve strength. Or just grab the bar and go.